Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Emerald Dream

Information about the next expansion has been released to me through my power of fortune-telling! You read about it here first!

The Emerald Dream (working name)


* Gain access to the Emerald Dream and explore the supercontinent Kalimdor! This is the largest continent in a WoW expansion so far, filled with new content.

* Grow in power as you make your way to level 90, gaining new abilities and talents along the way.

* Hold your guild meetings in a Guild Hall! The Guild Hall is bound to the guild, not to any person in particular, so anyone can contribute to the look and atmosphere of the building. While much of the furniture and decorations can be acquired by the means of gold (or simply by being an old guild), much must be earned by achieving things as a guild!

* Guild Achievements has been added to the game! A few of these achievements can be earned by single guild members, but most require you to accomplish things as a group or a raid. Lead your guild to glory!

* Learn more about the Emerald Nightmare and help in the fight against it. See whole zones change as the corruption regresses.

* Two new professions: Carving and Woodcutting! Carving let you fashion solid materials like horn, stone or wood into useful items. Woodcutting allow you to cut wood to be used in carving, but also in other crafting professions.

* Play and master the new hero class. Spirit Walker, a champion of the spirit world.

* And much, much more!

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