Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blizzard listens (times two)

In a short period of time, Blizzard have shown that they listen to player feedback.

First the "ghetto hearthing" trick will be nerfed in patch 3.1. That is, the trick to leave a group in an instance to get teleported to your inn. There are probably more names for this trick than there are WoW game servers, since it's more like an exploit than a feature. It's just that it has grown to be viewed as a feature. Because of the magnitude of which the trick was used (and because of the outcry!), Blizzard figured they can now cut the cooldown of the ordinary hearthstone by half. So it's not all bad!

Second: The dual spec feature was included from the start in the PTR. Since then, and before that for that matter, many have complained about the lvl 80 req on the feature. Well guess what, Blizzard gave in. They didn't lower it to what I would have guessed, lvl 60 or 70, but as low as lvl 40. The cost for this feature will stay at 1000g though, leaving it for seasoned players and their twink alts. A fine decision if you ask me.

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